anmchara is Gaelic for 'soul-friend', and has been used by Andrew Francis for over 25 years as a web-address and training company name.


Welcome to my latest website. I’m Andrew Francis. As a writer, conference speaker, poet and celebrant, I enjoy meeting lots of people from different walks of life. On the following pages, you will find:

  • Biog - which will tell you more of me
  • Work - about the different things which I do and am available to do.
  • This Month - each month I offer a new poem, short story, book review.
  • Food Blog - each month I offer a recipe, food article or restaurant review.
  • Writings - this gives you some information about the books which I have written, as well as what others have thought about them. Also here is a list of my major, recent magazine articles.
  • Contact - how to get in touch with me.